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The Gift of a C-section Birth

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

For most moms their babies entry to the world is done in a natural fashion. When my son was younger and asked me where the baby came from I told him my tummy. That was actually true for me, although when he got a little older I did explain how babies are meant to be born.

It’s important children hear from their moms the basic facts of life so they know where to turn to when they have questions. When you speak in a comfortable manner about the wonders of our bodies it allows a child to understand that intimacy and the functionality of the body is something special and G-d given.

The birth experience is a very personal, impactful experience full of emotion, stress and joy. When I was pregnant with my first I was anxious about the birth but most new moms are. I went into labor and typical of a first birth it took many hours. But then things starting to go downhill as the heart rate went down and I was wheeled in to have an emergency c-section.

The feeling of disappointment and fear was overwhelming. Was my body not strong enough? Did I not prepare myself properly? Did I fail? The thoughts quickly disappeared as a baby was taken out of my uterus. I felt like a huge mountain was lifted. For the first few moments the baby needed some encouragement to breath. Thank G-d he started breathing and we had a healthy baby boy. Mazel Tov!

Yet the feeling of failure and inadequacy lingered as I was left to heal from the c-section. For the first few hours the pain was so intense and I wasn’t sure if there was something seriously wrong. It took some time but I did get back to myself. With the future children of mine they were all born through c-section.

I’ve come to realize the option of a c-section for moms that can’t give birth in the natural fashion is actually the greatest gift. Thankfully people like me can actually have children and live through childbirth. For that I am filled with gratitude. This is no failure on my part but an experience to be forever grateful for. I am a c-section mom and I'm proud!

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