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Our Philosophy

Ashley Mestel

Gan Chabad Parent


Thank you to Gan Chabad for providing such a warm environment alongside a wonderful educational program where my child has had the opportunity to flourish and learn. My son has been so happy at Gan Chabad and we are so very thankful!

Justine and Shlomi Silberstein

Gan Chabad Parent


We love being part of the Gan Chabad family! Our son has thrived under the care of the nurturing teachers and enjoys all the fun and engaging activities. We are so happy knowing that he is so well taken care of everyday.

Miriam Stein

Gan Chabad Parent

We have been fortunate to have had two children attend Gan Chabad preschool. From the start, we were impressed with the loving and nurturing morahs, the various engaging and enriching activities and Jewish learning, and the overall pleasant and warm environment offered by Gan Chabad. When it was time to decide whether or not to send our second child back to Gan Chabad during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to put our trust in the preschool and feel so grateful that we did so. Our son had the most incredible time everyday and we felt confident with the safety measures taken by Gan Chabad. Thank you to Gan Chabad for everything! 

Sari Rudick

Gan Chabad Parent 2013 - 2015

"Gan Chabad is more than just a school. It is a wonderful nurturing environment where your child's needs are met on every level; emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a warm and inclusive environment where everyone works together for the betterment of all our children. The children develop a great sense of self-esteem and excel in the academia. The lessons and programming are equatable to what the children start to do only in kindergarten like Handwriting Without Tears and Mat Man. The staff & children are happy. They learn so much in this wonderful environment about not only how to do well in school, but in life. Friendships are developed that last a lifetime. We were so pleased with the high level of instruction and the warm love given to our children to make them feel special and loved unconditionally. 

We would highly recommend Gan Chabad to anyone who asks."

Greenspan Family 

Gan Chabad Parent 2013 - 2017

"Gan Chabad has been a home away from home for our two boys over the past few years. Our boys looked forward to going to school each and every day. They loved seeing their friends and their incredible warm and caring teachers daily. They would smile every morning as we pulled into the parking lot and when we picked them up they couldn’t stop sharing and talking about how incredible their day had been. Gan Chabad felt like home for us as well. We were encouraged to get involved as much or as little as we wanted. We were constantly invited to celebrate our children’s learning on various holidays and special days. The curriculum and program was incredible.  We felt their love for Judaism from the first day. The would come home singing,  asking for Tzedakkah, asking when is Shabbat, and asking lots and lots of questions some to which we had no answers. For example: is Hashem a boy or girl? We often looked at each other and smiled knowing we had made the best choice!

Although this September we will not be driving to Gan Chabad as our boys have grown older, our level of excitement as we drive by the school hasn’t changed for our family. So many memories for our boys and for us as parents.Thank you Gan Chabad and all the incredible teachers for everything they had taught our two boys!"

Adina Adivi

Gan Chabad Parent 2015-2018 

"Gan Chabad provides a strong base with respect to Jewish holidays and traditions. Knowledgeable and caring teachers and staff who focus on children's happiness has been key to my children's comfort and excitement. Their packed programs provide fun, creativity and education all with focus on Judaism. Gan Chabad has created a warm environment for my children year after year."


Gan Chabad Parent 2017-2018

“ We knew from the moment that we met the teachers and director at Gan Chabad that we had made the right choice for our son. They greet the children with such warm smiles and hugs every morning and you can see that the children feel comfortable almost immediately.

The classroom is set up in such a smart way - it allows the children to explore through all their senses, and I realized early on just how much my son had learned from having these opportunities. He already has such a strong sense of Judaism, and has been able to participate  in family discussions about the holidays with his older sisters who attend Hebrew Day School. I was most impressed, after only a couple of months at Gan Chabad, how he was able to recite the Shabbat blessings. What a wonderful feeling to see your child thrive, learn and make new friends!

Thank you Gan Chabad for providing my son with such a strong foundation in Jewish heritage and learning - all this just in preschool!”

Lauren Blustein 

Gan Chabad Parent 2018 

 "As it was very important for my husband and I go send our daughter to a Jewish pre nursery program, we fell in love with Gan Chabad instantly. Not only were they so patient with us and our daughter, but beyond accommodating. It really has been such an amazing transition for our daughter and we couldn’t be happier. We have seen so many positive changes in our daughter, and it has been nothing but a great impact on her. Each week as she attends she learns new life skills and is such an explorer now. The whole Gan Chabad family’ is truly so loving, kind and I couldn’t have made the transition without them. We are so happy with Gan Chabad." 

Miriam Stein 

Gan Chabad Parent 2017-2018

"My son has been in both the pre-nursery and nursery classes at Gan Chabad. My husband and I have been thrilled with the overall level of care and programming. The morahs have always been nurturing and loving toward my son. Our own interactions with the morahs have also always been productive and pleasant. It’s comforting to know my child is in great hands at Gan Chabad. Moreover, the programming is fantastic. My son comes home singing new songs and our home is adorned with lovely pieces of art. We love seeing how our son is learning about various Jewish holidays and being introduced to the key tenets of Judaism, while also learning important basics such as the alphabet. Additionally, every year there has been programming involving sports and music, which my son absolutely loves. This provides a further enriching preschool experience. Gan Chabad has been a truly wonderful experience for our family." 

Natalie Clausner

Gan Chabad Parent 2018 

"My daughter started at Gan Chabad this January in the pre-nursery program and so far she has loved every minute of it. In addition to getting a good balance of learning, arts and crafts, music and sports, she also gets a great Jewish education. The teachers there are so wonderful and caring making the environment such a comfortable place for my daughter to thrive. I love the way they incorporate and involve family as well, with the events, parent-teacher conferences and constant picture updates on Facebook. I can't wait to see what my daughter has done each day and to hear about her friends, the activities she enjoyed, and listen to her singing songs when I get home from work.  I am very happy with our decision to enroll our daughter at Gan Chabad and have already signed her up for the nursery program in the Fall. Thank you Gan Chabad for providing such a wonderful program!"

Alana Warner

Gan Chabad Parent 2015-2018 

"When my husband and I moved into the neighborhood, we didn’t really think ahead to school zoning or districts. When my son was born and we started looking into schools, all our neighbors said to “try Gan Chabad”. Little did I know, that not only would I be finding a wonderful school for my son but also the community I was looking for. 

I didn’t grow up in Toronto and as my husband  and I started to raise our family, I really started to miss the smaller, close knit community I came from. At Gan Chabad I found that closeness, and Jewish spirit I had been looking for. The staff take the time to get to know you and your family, not just your child. Family simchas are school simchas and life cycle events are honored for your child and your whole family.

My son started school at Chabad, not walking or talking. The fantastic teachers carried him everywhere until he was running on his own. Very quickly, he became excited by the school routine, he started speaking in Hebrew and English, singing songs and now he has developed a deep love for Judaism and his Jewish identify. 

A few weeks ago, my daughter started at Chabad. I have seen a huge change in her already and look forward to watching as she grows and thrives there. With the birth of my youngest child, just weeks ago, I look forward to many more years of being a part of the Gan Chabad family."

Frances Shifman

Gan Chabad Grandparent


"Gan Chabad has been an integral part of my family's life for the last four years.  

My daughter & son-in-law, Lee & Leanne enrolled their oldest, Josh and continued the happy experience with their daughter Hannah who is now in the Nursery program.

My husband & I were lucky enough to see first-hand the wonderful effect Gan Chabad has had on our grandchildren. Both Hannah and Josh excited each day with huge smiles on their faces -- not an easy feat with two and three-year olds!  We're sure the friends they made at school will last a lifetime.  But more importantly, the kind & dedicated teachers have instilled a positive sense of Jewishness & Judaism in both of them.  

The excitement of being the Shabbat Ima and Abba made them feel so special -- and rightly so!  When they see their Bubbie lighting the Shabbos candles, they understand and appreciate the importance & beauty of that exercise.  Their Bubbie & Zaidy have millions of 'happy tears' knowing that our Boros grandchildren don't just know they're Jewish... they LOVE being Jewish!  

They've both learned so much about all the holidays, major & minor and are happy to recite the special b'ruchim for those days.  We feel a huge sense of gratitude for Gan Chabad and the program Morah Yehudis has lovingly created.  Thank you, Gan Chabad!!

And we thank all the great teachers, past & present.  We appreciate the special 'visitors' who have enriched their experience... physical fitness & co-ordination, 'secret' story-readers and of course, the inimitable Rabbi B!  His enthusiasm and happy attitude has made the Boros kids huge fans.  Thank you everyone!

But what is the icing on this cake?  Well, that's easy!  We delight in watching little Hannah line up her dolls and stuffed animals with great care.  Big deal?  No, of course not!  But wait -- once her 'friends' are lined up and paying attention, we watch as she sings the Shema to all of them!  What a priceless experience!  Truly unforgettable and so very special."

Hulli Family

Gan Chabad Parents 2018 

"We moved from Turkey several months ago and started to search a preschool even before we came. Finally we chose Gan Chabad.

In the first week I came to Canada, I went to the Gan and met with the teachers and saw the environement and said to myself "This is it". I loved it. The teachers gave me the impression that all the kids were happy and taken care so well.

Although my daughter started with no words in English, with the help of all teachers she adapted soon enough.

One day I saw on the white board all the Turkish & English words with translations, so that teachers could communicate my kid. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

We are very lucky that we've found such a great place for my daughter and see her progress everyday.

Thank you all of the teachers for everything you did."

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