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The New Soul

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

I had imagined this c-section for months and looked forward to meeting my new child. I walked into the operating room calmly and was shown the operating table. The anesthesia was more painful that I had expected and I found that it was difficult for me to breathe. I lost my confidence and started to panic.

The kind nurse turned to me and said “is there a specific song or type of music you’d like to listen to during the birth?” I was too emotional to talk so I told her to ask my husband. I hoped he would suggest a song that I had been listening to the last few weeks before the birth.

I lay there feeling overwhelmed as the anesthesiologist administrated the anesthesia. I wondered if perhaps I had made a mistake in having another child. This was harder than I had expected. My breathing felt irregular and I heard the nurse calling for back up. She mentioned my heart was stopping for a slight moment and this was a normal reaction to the anesthesia.

Then music began to play. It was soft at first and I listened closely. It was a beautiful song about the journey of a soul. The soul was fearful of coming down to earth. It felt that the earth is a corrupt environment and it didn't want to descend.

Yet a set of parents are waiting to give birth to a baby. An angel encouraged the soul to leave heaven and explained to the soul the tremendous power it can have on this world. Once I heard these powerful words I knew everything was going to be okay. The nurse canceled the back up.

I soon heard a soft cry which quickly became stronger and stronger. The soul had descended and my baby was born! The baby was given to me and I held him close. The emotions were overwhelming! I gave a sigh of relief and hugged this new soul so tightly.

CLICK HERE to listen closely....

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