Gan Chabad is proud to have a strong sense of family and belonging. The community is composed of young families that are committed to opening the window of education to their children. A variety of programs are offered so that parents are invited to take partnership in the education of their children. Parents are invited to volunteer in their child’s classroom and help out with special events.

Shabbat Dinners

Shabbat dinners are celebrated a few times a year with the Gan Chabad family. The Moms get together on Thursday night and bake challah for the Shabbat dinner. The children are the focus at the Shabbat dinner. They lead the crowd in reciting the brochot for candle lighting and Kiddush. A Traditional Shabbat menu is served and then the staff lead the children in a special Shabbat Circle time with dancing and singing.

Holiday Events

Jewish holidays play a central role at Gan Chabad. For each holiday families are invited to join and celebrate with the children. Holiday programs include a Chanukah show, Purim concert and Model Seder. This bridges the gap between home and school as children share what they have learned in school and parents can bring that home so that they can celebrate as a family.


Moms & Muffins/Dad & Donuts

Moms and Dads are invited to join their child in the classroom and spend quality time together. The children show their Mom or Dad their home away from home and introduce them to their friends at school. Parent and child have the opportunity to do a special craft together and enjoy a yummy treat.

Parenting Groups

Raising children is the responsibility of the community as the famous saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child.” Gan Chabad is the village and the parents support one another so that we can learn and inspire each other.


Girls Night In

A few evenings a year Moms get together and enjoy an all girls evening just for Gan Chabad Moms. In a relaxed setting Moms drink wine and socialize. This gives Moms the opportunity to meet the parents of their child’s friends from school and enjoy the company of other Moms raising children that are going through the same stage.


Guys Night In

An exclusive evening just for the Dads at Gan Chabad! The guys watch a sport game, eat kosher chicken wings and drink beer.

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