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Toilet Training During Covid

My child just turned three and he's not toilet trained just yet.

Just yet.

Now its Corona. Now its quarantine time. Now it's toilet training time.

The thought gives me shivers. Don't think I don't have any experience in this. I toilet trained my four children above this one.

But the thought still makes me uneasy.


Uncomfortable. Very Uncomfortable.

It's messy. To put simply its dirty. Literally.

But at the start of this corona journey I pulled on my brave hat and looked my child in the eye and said "It's time to wear underwear!" I said it with a smile but inside there was that uneasy, hesitant, uncomfortable feeling that I had when I started thinking about this.

But all the hesitancy aside. It was time. We were home now and close access to the washroom was crucial. So began day one, day two and day three. As the days rolled into each other my hesitant feeling started to disappear.

There were lots of and almost moments. Almost making it to the washroom. Almost getting up the stairs in time and just so many Almosts. And lots of messy things to clean. But there were many proud and joyous moments. "I'm a big boy now" My child smiled at me one day.

I think as we all journey through this corona quarantine we have to pick up our big person pants and become a big boy or big girl. Life isn't exactly as we envisioned at this time. But let's remember- life wasn't perfect before and it will never be. Let's pick up our pants now.

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Tyreese Nelson
Tyreese Nelson
23 août 2021

This is a greaat post thanks

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