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The Long Awaited September

It’s finally here. 

Almost six months of no structured schedule for students has passed. Yet even the moms who are planning a dance party on the first day of school to celebrate are holding on tightly to their dancing shoes. No one is ready to dance just yet. 

While processing this new reality I have come to realize and accept that life will be different for the next while. The long awaited September is not what we had hoped for. Most of us had hoped to pack our children’s lunch boxes and give a carefree goodbye. As it stands now that goodbye won’t be so carefree. 

My kids keep asking “is it still corona time?” And I answer “yes it still is.” Seems like corona time has become our new reality. Life must move on but corona has moved along with it. 

How do we reframe this reality? 

What do we answer our child when they say “mommy can I take my mask off for a minute because I need to breathe?” How do we celebrate the upcoming Jewish New year without our grandparents as the children have returned to school and cant risk the grandparents health. And for those living in different countries from their relatives- how do we make peace with missing family milestones?

Perhaps the best way to accept this new reality is to realize something we always knew but perhaps didn’t absorb fully. Our destiny and journey is orchestrated from above. It’s not always easy to accept and let go. But perhaps once we do let go we can feel the heavy weight of always wanting to be in control disappear. And then we can focus on every day living and taking it step by step. 

So moms- are you ready for the dance party now?!!!! We can dance knowing we are doing our best and the rest is orchestrated from above.

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