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The Great Big Giant Pause

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

The hustle and bustle early morning dawn routine has paused. No longer does my alarm ring at the crack of dawn and no longer do I push the snooze button. A pause to the hustle and bustle. The lunch bags, backpacks and water bottles lie empty and clean. The rush and rhythm of crying, dressing and eating has halted. It happens later in the day endlessly but the dawn hustle and bustle has taken off. Nowhere to go and no place to be has never been more accurate. Do I miss the power and purpose of having somewhere to go? Do I miss having a warm place to send my child and get a break. Do I feel the endless day dragging before the crack of the dawn? With the hustle and bustle of daily life at a pause I feel the lack of those things keenly. This Great Big Giant Pause has caused us to have endless days, to work hard on basic tasks and to feel that we are in a tunnel that is going on and on. But I also feel one great giant pause. A pause to look at my child in the eye and sit on the couch in middle of the day and read them a book. A pause to go for a mid day family hike. A pause to cook my families favourite dishes. And a pause to take one giant deep breath in from the hustle and bustle we used to call life just a few short weeks ago. What is the purpose of this rush? In this desire to perform and to achieve? Are they merely ways to prove that we are having an impact? Perhaps this pause has given me time to reflect. To pause with a giant deep breath, hold my child’s hand tight and go for a long walk. As we walk and my child wraps his pudgy fingers around mine I ponder, “ do I want to return to that hustle and bustle of life.” I do but perhaps with pause stops along the way and deep breaths to make the experience more authentic instead of the endless hustle and bustle we call life.

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