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My sons BIG Bar Mitzvah

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

To My Dear Son Meir,

Today is your BIG day. I had imagined a large party full of family and friends joining the celebration. I know you had dreamed of your BIG day. A BIG day replete of joy, dancing and festivity. I had watched family and friends celebrate their milestones during covid. But when it's your child it really does hit home.

So my dear son, on this Big day let us talk about what it means to be BIG? What does it mean to reach this significant and important milestone of a Bar Mitzvah?

I see the way you carefully observe the mitvot. I watch how you enjoy teaching your younger siblings the joy of being Jewish. You are linking your chain back to your great grandparents and beautiful Jewish heritage. That is BIG. You have joined the BIG ranks my dear son. You are now responsible to keep the 613 mitzvot. That is a BIG responsiblity but I am confident in your abilities.

Accepting that your BIG day won’t be as BIG as you had imagined takes the resilience of a BIG person. Welcome to the BIG world where life takes you down paths you don’t expect and you are forced to strengthen yourself and your surroundings.

So on your BIG day I give you a blessing: may your delicious personality full of unique qualities continue to grow as you get BIGGER and BIGGER. The journey of adulthood has begun and I can see you are ready to steam ahead in the BIG leagues.

Overflowing with love for my Big Bar MitZvah boy Meir


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