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Step By Step

We tend to believe we deserve to always progress forward. Yet we aren’t entitled to always achieve as we see fit. Life may seem easy for others. It seems that the grass is greener on the other side. But inside each and every one of us experiences forward steps and backward steps.

Relationships, Parenting, work, and the endless things that need to get done take effort, constant work and perseverance. Life is never a straight seamless path. It’s full of curves, rocky paths and muddy puddles. Forward steps feel smooth, calm and most of all they feel good. Backward steps are uncomfortable, uncertain and don’t feel great.

Backward steps make us feel like a failure but in reality it compels us to grow, flourish and blossom. The rocky path strengthen us when we look past the disappointments and align ourselves. The curves in the roads can make us feel dizzy yet it can also teach us how to search for the light. The muddy puddles can seem yucky and dirty but the mud forces us to suck it up and be resistant.

Our journey is a mixture of backward and forward steps. Don’t be fooled by social media or the picture perfect facade many of us like to portray. Embrace the journey and lean in when the backward steps come. Motivate yourself to grow when the backward steps appear. Because those backward steps will propel you further than any straight, easy and seamless path.

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