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Simple natural fun and discovery

Now that most play places are still closed due to corona, I figured it’s time to visit the farm and waterfront. It’s time to go back to nature.

Watching my children laugh and squeal while looking at the animals was worth the drive. They were amazed at the sounds the animals made, the way they waddled and their wonderful colours. They sloshed through the mud and jumped through the puddles as they visited the goats, chicks and sheep.

We were surrounded by animal sounds and the natural smell of the barn. There were no buttons to press or lights that excited them. Just nature and animals. Overgrown grass, animals running freely and patches of hay everywhere. Yet the children seemed so at ease.

Then we went to a small empty beachfront. The waves grabbed their attention and there they were running joyfully through the water. Their feet sunk into the sand and they giggled in delight. Even the pre teens got caught in the excitement. Natural and pure fun.

The way back was hard. The children were sandy, wet and hungry. The walk back to the car was bumpy and filled with stones. There were flies and mud. Natural fun can be messy. But natural fun is exhilarating. It gives us a sense of the beauty that exists beyond ourselves and is completely organic.

Let’s get back to nature and discover the natural beauty in our own backyards. It’s the way G-d created the world and it brings out a more tender side of us full of appreciation for the magnificent world we are fortunate to inhabit.

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