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Shalom- Farewell to the Fall

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

I’m feeling a sense of loss as we take one last lick of the beautiful weather. Is nature sharing one last message before it goes into hibernation during the winter months? I worry about the winter coats, boots and all the paraphernalia to get through the winter with young children. I remember the grey days, slippery ice and the feeling of not being able to go outside.

I take a look at the fallen leaves 🍁. The beautiful colours leave me with a sense of awe. I redirect my attention to the ever lasting greenery on the evergreen trees. Somehow the green feels more comforting. The colour changing leaves on the other trees make me feel apprehensive. Unsure. Hesitant of what is yet to come.

What are the fallen leaves whispering in the wind as this pandemic continues to evolve and we say a final shalom to the warm weather?

I’m listening deeply as the leaves continue to whisper in the wind. The cycle of the leaves life give me food for thought. Nature will blossom again. The shrivelled leaves will make the ground fertile for future growth. Life is not an evergreen tree.

At times we humans shrivel, blow from side to side and fall. But we always need to rise, strengthen ourselves and blossom once again. I will focus on teaching this lesson to my children this winter. I will work hard to make sure I internalize the message of the leaves and spread this feeling of hope to all those around me at work, home and most of all my inner self.

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