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Long & Endless Days 

The day is long. So long I can’t remember what my kids ate for breakfast or lunch. Did we have any snacks? Hmm…. beats me. 

Do you feel like the days are long? Endless? So different than what we are usually used to. Usually time goes by so quickly that I can’t keep up. Like a marathon that I just can’t master or win. 

If I as a parent feel this way what does my child feel like?

When this all started my six year old son turned to me and said “mommy I feel very lazy,” and then he started to cry. It was the early afternoon. It wasn’t bedtime. Why was he so lazy? Why was he so sad? 

I tried to get him to take a walk. No movement. I tried a bike ride. No desire. Mind you I got him a new helmet and he has a spanking new bike from his bubby. Seems like the endless days have started to get to my children too. 

So I decided it’s time to pick up my mommy skirt and set the routine and structure in my home. I had a huddle with my husband and we made a plan. 

There were going to be mommy tasks, chores for the children and my husband was going to be the administrator of quality and control of the cleanliness in our home. No joke. 

I made a weekly menu and rolled up my sleeves to do the laundry so my children could get out of their PJ’s. As the admin of quality and control my husband gave out chores. Yes the Rabbi gave out chores and ensures all the children do their tasks. Reminding the children to do their chores is too taxing and exhausting for me. 

We  told the children they need to make their beds and clean up after themselves. Responsibility breeds independent and proud children. We had a family meeting and discussed the current situation. Everyone got a chance to share how they feel. Including the three year old. Then we discussed responsibilities. 

This does take an awful lot of work but I think I may be seeing some results. The jobs are not done perfectly but the structure is there. We set a time for school work, a time for play, meals and snacks and of course screen time. 

Family dynamics, different personalities and various emotional characteristics make it very colourful. But at least we have a sense of structure, rhythm and routine.

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