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Let the children Play!

The sun is shining brightly and for that I am grateful. But a sinking feeling is starting to fester in me. My kids wake up and eat breakfast. Now what? That feeling seems to be taking residence in me. It’s summer and to be more precise it’s corona quarantine summer and we haven’t signed our kids up to any backyard camps.

How can I reframe my thoughts and use this time as a stepping stool to grow?

Instead of thinking of the day as endless I have reframed my thought process and I think of all the play opportunities that my children can have uninterrupted by the pressures of time.

The children spend hours biking, scooting and in their bathing suits playing in the sprinkler. and yes some screen time so I can have a break. I’ve had to switch my mindset to “let the children just be happy and play” from “am I giving my children the BEST opportunity.”

Being a parent brings with it the responsibility to make sure our children thrive. To make sure they use their abilities and blossom. But sometimes the “pressure” of making my child the best he can be gets in the way. Sometimes we need to just let the children play.

Now that we have beautiful weather it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the great benefits it brings. Play and especially outdoor play allows a child to relax, be creative and flourish from their own sense of self. Yes we need to give them play equipment like bikes, chalk, balls and other fun things but that’s about it.

Mommy is allowed to sit on the side and drink her coffee. And daydream. One day as I was sitting on the grass watching my children play I had a moment of reflection. “THIS WAS MY CHIlDHOOD!!” We ran outdoors and played!!! I remember feeling free and light running through the park. I remember my mom taking me to the pool and splash pad. Those were fun days. Perhaps I can give those days to my children too. Perhaps I can allow my children to discover their inner sense of self and experience the childhood that many of us parents experienced and loved. So let’s let the children play!

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