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Election Day

The political atmosphere feels electric. As if we are writing history. Since my childhood I can’t remember a US election that people cared about so deeply. It’s as if the sun won’t rise tomorrow and if it does, what will the world look like then.

I am a proud American citizen. There is something unique this super power contributes to society. But at this juncture it seems as if there is a sandstorm raging.

What does this election mean to me as a mom raising children in Canada during these times? What message can I share with them as we eat dinner and discuss the days events?

First and foremost: peoples ideas and views have not just remained an intellectual pursuit or opinion. At this point it has become a fiery furnace full of arguments and strife. I will teach my children that differences of opinions will always exist. But there is a manner in which to conduct ourselves. Dignity and respect are basic human obligations whoever you choose to vote for. When tomorrow dawns no need to ridicule the losing team.

Most importantly I will tell them: Let us place our trust in the General of generals who, in King Solomon’s words, “controls the hearts of all kings,” and all who hold positions of power, (see Proverbs 21:1). “ I will remind them that ultimately it’s the power of the almighty that controls the strings down below. Me and you, red or blue, the divine hand is what rings true.

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