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Can I mess up as a Mom?

Sometimes I wish I had a recipe or roadmap to guide me on my parenting journey. What if I mess up? Am I the right parent for my children?

But then it dawned on me.

I am parenting on the shoulders of the generations before me. It’s not just me and my strengths and weaknesses, it’s the voices of Jewish mothers from the past directing me. I have strong roots.

As I prepare my home for the upcoming holiday of pesach my children feel the joy and energy. Let’s not mention the starvation that comes with getting rid of all the chametz (bread.)

Jewish Holidays connect us to our past. Every tactile mitzvah and tradition makes it alive for the children and adults too. As a Jewish mother I have generations of strong Jewish women behind me.

So when I wonder perhaps I don’t have the knowledge to address a certain situation with one of my children or I stumble when trying to connect at certain moments, I remind myself I am not parenting on my own. I have generations behind me.

So moms- now is the time! Bring the Jewish holiday of Pesach into your homes with simple mitzvot that your children can touch, taste and do. It will lighten your responsibility and you will bring generations of Jewish women behind you into your space.

It definitely takes a village to raise a child but more importantly it takes past generations to raise the future ones.

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