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Camping In The Car

This summer has been a different experience for many of us. Especially moms with young children. It has caused some of us to do things we would never have had the courage to do.

I have always dreamed of camping with my family. Something about sleeping under the stars so close to nature inspires me. But with life so busy who has time and energy to camp.

Now In the corona era, life has taken an alternate route. No more formal programming and scheduled routines. Nature was calling and we had an opportunity to spend time at a cottage. The catch we couldn’t sleep there.

It was just for one night so I decided it’s camping time! It was kind of awkward calling camping sites as I was told I sound like a city girl. It was our first time so we decided to keep it super simple. We slept in our car at the campsite! With blankets and pillows my children felt cozy and instantly fell asleep. With the seats pushed down each child had their own “bed.”

The silence was deafening and the dark was thick. The mud under our car was almost like a marsh and the air was filled with the smell of burning wood. Camping in our car under the stars. A super simple nature family experience.

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