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A Mom's Coffee Break

Coffee is an escape for me. 

It provides a sense of relief and something that’s just mine that I don’t need to share with my kids. Except for when I see my three year old climbing the kitchen stool and taking a drink out of my giant mug. There goes my escape. There goes something that just belonged to me. 

Coffee also gives me a sense of calm. The warmth makes me slow down when I drink it and allows my mind to process my never ending stream of thoughts. Except when my coffee turns cold because I get distracted by my children’s never ending needs. Then the warmth is gone and there goes my sense of calm. 

Let’s be real. Coffee is very low in calories so it's a great beverage for moms that are always trying to watch their weight. Except when you use maple syrup as your sweetener because you want a healthier choice and a heavenly texture. There goes the low calorie beverage. 

During the corona era each grocery item is treasured. Coffee, Milk and your speciality coffee sweetener are set aside to pull you out of bed. Except when your kids make themselves hot cocoa in the wee hours of the morning and use your magic ingredients. 

Coffee gives me a reason to take a break. After all, who doesn’t deserve a coffee break? Especially a hardworking mom. We all deserve a break. 

So I take a deep breath and resolve to have a coffee break with NO interruptions. 

As I grasp the hot coffee mug in my hands, I allow the warmth to slowly calm myself down. I hear little footsteps coming close but I continue drinking. I feel thumping coming from upstairs but I am determined to enjoy this coffee break. I smell something strange but I convince myself that I am imagining things. And then I touch the side of my chair- perhaps to ground myself…. But I feel those soft delicious toes of my little one. Those toes have a way of melting my heart. My son climbs on my lap takes a gulp of coffee and then skips away.

That was my coffee break. 

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