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Mommy Time?!

“Mommy can I have this?”

“Mommy can you play with me?”

Mommy… Mommy and Mommy again. I’m hungry, I’m thirsty. The list goes on and on. 

Sometimes I feel like my children just say mommy for no reason. It just comes naturally to them. Almost like I’m a magician with a magic wand that magically gives them everything they need. 

Sometimes I want to whiz around and say “listen lovely children I’m not a magician and there is no magic!” But I don’t want to break the spell just yet. It’s just that I feel awfully human. 

If you are a mom and you are reading this then we are on the same page. We need ME time. Let’s say it again. We need ME time. That’s why when my kids say the word mommy. Guess what I hear? I just hear the last two syllables. I hear the Me part. So let’s practice. “Mommy…....” Yes I only hear the last two letters that sound like Me.

Although I’d like that to be realistic it actually isn’t. But the reality is that we do Need Me time. We crave it. We dream of it. Our minds beg for it. 

How do we create ME time? 

When my kids go to bed at night and they start asking me for a million things, I tell them “It’s mommy time.” I say “Mommy is a person and she needs time to do her own things.” This works for some children but isn’t the magic wand. It’s never perfect. 

Either you have a pre teen walking around the house late at night or you have a baby that doesn’t settle. So it’s also about creating boundaries. Boundaries for yourself with your loved ones. Telling your older child that you are not available is okay. Sharing with your spouse that you need to leave the house to get a break from the needy baby is perfectly fine. Go for a drive, go for a walk or just sit in your room and breathe. Just take the ME time. We deserve it. Now is your time for mommy time. Go for it!

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