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Gan Chabad Preschool

A Warm welcoming Jewish learning environment where your child will blossom

Hi! I'm Morah Yehudis Director of Gan Chabad. I'd be thrilled to connect with you! 

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Tel: 647-350-2426


Parents Testimonials


Our son loved his time at Gan Chabad and always came home so happy. Even though we have since moved on to Elementary School, he was feeling sad the other day because he missed his old school (Gan Chabad). When I asked him why, he said "Ima, they had the BEST food!!"


Nava Hoffman


Gan Chabad Parent 2019-2020

"Our children have blossomed at Gan Chabad!

Gan Chabad has been our family’s Pre-Nursery and Nursery since 2012.  The friendly and dedicated staff have introduced all of our children to formal schooling with warmth, kindness and love.  Our youngest daughter, now in the Pre-Nursery program, looks forward to each school day.  She is eager to see her friends and participate in the many activities her Morahs have thoughtfully prepared for her and her classmates.  Gan Chabad nurtures the whole child - emotionally, socially, academically, and spiritually.

Parents are encouraged to be active participants in their child’s education at Gan Chabad.  We have been invited into our children’s classrooms for birthday, Shabbat, Hanukkah, and Pesach celebrations.  We have also had the opportunity to read to our children and their friends as “mystery readers.”  Gan Chabad inspires a connection between home and school, making learning more meaningful for their young students.

We are beyond pleased with exceptional care our children have received at Gan Chabad."

Tova Allen 

Gan Chabad Parent 2012-2017

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